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Welcome to the best on-demand delivery service in South Africa.

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Our Mission

Our mission is be South Africa's most trusted and respected fast moving consumer goods market place and logistics platform, simulating a virtual mall experience in the simplest form.

At OneCart, all our actions are guided by the fundamental value that you are, and will always be our priority.

Leave your shopping to OneCart. We are serious about grocery delivery, so that you don’t have to be.

Our Aim

We aim to do this by:

  • Providing ultimate convenience and flexibility to the online consumer, ensuring that your OneCart user experience is world class
  • Partnering with malls and retailers to ensure that we provide this convenience and flexibility without an increased price to the consumer
  • Ensuring that our shoppers are well trained to pick the best products for you, and that our service and delivery is always on time


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How does OneCart work

Place an order on OneCart from multiple of your favourite stores in your area and choose your delivery date and time.

Your order is immediately routed to a personal OneCart concierge shopper who hand picks the BEST products from the stores you chose.

A verified OneCart delivery partner will bring your groceries to your doorstep at your chosen time, guaranteed.

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Simplifying your grocery shopping. Multiple stores, one platform.